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What is FSM?

FSM, or Frequency Specific Microcurrent, is an electrostimulation method that differs fundamentally from other methods such as TENS, which temporarily blocks the nerves transmitting pain signals.
FSM, on the other hand, applies only about a thousandth of the current used in TENS; the current is below the perception threshold and similar in strength to that produced by the body itself in each cell and in every tissue.

The human body functions like a semiconductor network: living tissue consists of biochemical substances that are held together by electromagnetic bonds; the cells are connected by so-called viscoelastic gel grids of fascias. According to the FSM model, specific frequencies in this fascia system can act like transmitters that open a lock using an electromagnetic signal.

By applying appropriate specific frequencies, the cell receptors are activated to resume their natural function in order to support intracellular processes and metabolic processes of the cell. This model is based on the assumption that the physiological cell functions are disturbed by imbalances.

Disclaimer: The TimeWaver systems and their applications are not recognized by conventional medicine due to the lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.

The specific currents and frequencies are applied via two channels:
Channel A addresses the imbalance, channel B identifies the area of the body in which the imbalance manifests itself, e.g., tissue. When used correctly, these two frequencies form an interference pattern.

Applications to many thousands of clients have led to extensive documentation of the specific frequencies combined for the respective imbalance (A) and localization (B).

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