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The TimeWaver Frequency

McMakin system

TimeWaver has more than 10 years of experience with its medical technology systems in the treatment of backgrounds and deeper connections of many diseases.

The Information Field controlled frequency therapy of the original TimeWaver Frequency system has become an important tool for many doctors and nonmedical practitioners since 2011.

Together with Carolyn McMakin, TimeWaver has developed the Frequency McMakin system, which offers more than 120 automated FSM therapy protocols for the treatment of numerous injuries and diseases. The additional individual setting of various other program parameters is possible with the system; it is activated after detailed training of the user.

The TimeWaver Frequency McMakin system is both device and method, but it is also an overall concept for clinics and practices. Thanks to its universal mechanisms of action, it is suitable for almost all medical fields.

Disclaimer: The TimeWaver systems and their applications are not recognized by conventional medicine due to the lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.

The Facts

• Application via two channels
• Channel A: Indication
• Channel B: Localization
• Parallel and fully automatic protocol sequence
• 120 treatment protocols according to Carolyn McMakin immediately available
• Simple creation of your own additional protocols
• Certified as medical device class IIa

Information for Health Professionals
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