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Carolyn McMakin had become thoroughly acquainted with the world of medicine during her 16 years as a pharmaceutical representative. She then changed her path in life, studying to become a chiropractor and opening her own practice in due course. While setting up her practice, she bought a microcurrent device dating from 1922, an era innovative non-pharmaceutical healthcare approaches were beginning to be developed in the United States.

With the hardware came a comprehensive list of microcurrent frequencies and their effects on a variety of imbalances. Based on this list, Dr. Carolyn McMakin began spending a small part of her work schedule on dual-channel frequency applications and quickly gained valuable experience of her own.

The success was overwhelming: through word of mouth from satisfied clients and because some surgeons started referring particularly difficult cases to her for post-operative care, she had to devote more and more time to the application of frequencies. She started to perform comprehensive teaching and training activities for other professional users and founded her own clinic in Portland, Oregon.

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